Quick Start Guide to Begin Advocating for Vote16 in Your Community

Want to start advocating for lowering the voting age to 16 in your community? Look no further. This quick-start guide will help you get started right away. 

Step 1: Read up on the issue

It’s time to get familiar with this issue. What is the research behind lowering the voting age? Where has it been done and how has it worked? What were the keys to successful campaigns in the past? These two reports are great resources to get up to speed.

Young Voices at the Ballot Box. This report is full of statistics, research, and information on the laws determine what your city has to do to lower its local voting age.

Vote16USA Field Guide. This report tells the stories of successful youth-led campaigns to lower the voting age and lessons to be learned from each.

Step 2: Complete the Community Assessment

Now that you have some background info, it’s time to start thinking about what it would take to lower the voting age in your community. Download the Community Assessment and answer each question to the best of your ability.

Step 3: Let’s talk and start planning a campaign together

It’s time to talk with Vote16USA staff and connect with peers from across the country to discuss the next steps to get your campaign off the ground. Contact us and we will set up a phone or Skype conversation. We can also put you in touch with peers who are working on Vote16 campaigns in other cities and states.

In the meantime, if you’re eager to get started, check out this campaign plan template and start tackling those action steps.