We are excited to announce the winners of the Vote16USA Multimedia Storytelling Contest! In a deep field of stellar submissions, these 10 stood out for their creative and compelling perspectives on lowering the voting age to 16.

First Place:
“Lowering the Voting Age” – a song parody and animation by Anjali Krishnamurti, 15, from New Jersey. As she sings in the video:
Eighteen is too old to start to vote. We’re ready at 16. […] We’ll be more fluent in civics and liberty. Studies show that makes us more likely to vote at 30!’
Watch the whole video here.

Second Place:
“We are Restless”a poem written and performed by Avery Berg, 15, from Washington. She writes:
If you let me speak, I will show you that it is less strange for a country to have young voters than for citizens of a country to not use their voice.
Listen to the entire piece here.

Third Place:
“The Importance of Lowering the Voting Age” – an essay by Charlotte Bizup, 15, from Massachusetts. She writes:
Lowering the voting age will […] generate higher voter turnout, create civic responsibility, and help young adults feel more connected with voting. Most importantly, it will advocate for the idea that America was founded upon: no taxation without representation.
Read the entire essay here.

Honorable Mention:

“Demonstration of the Need for Vote16” – Essay by Adrienne Mermin, 16, California

“Learning from our Youngers: the Case for Youth Voting Rights” – Essay by Sadie Bograd, 17, Kentucky

“Let Us Vote” – Painting by Ellie Matteri, 16, Oregon

“Time Bomb” – Essay by Annika Berg, 16, Michigan

“The 16 Year Old Vote: Democracy’s Next Step” – Video by Alison Cedarbaum, 17, New Jersey

Vote16” – Video by San Francisco’s District 7 Youth Council

“We Have Voices” – Graphic art by Josh Harris, 16, Virginia