Our Mission

Vote16USA is a national campaign, organized by Generation Citizen, that aims to support efforts to lower the voting age on the local level, help start new local campaigns, and elevate the issue’s prominence on a national level.

Our Background

The Vote16USA campaign was officially launched in December 2015, with the release of our white paper “Young Voices at the Ballot Box: Advancing Efforts to Lower the Voting Age.” This comprehensive report was written after extensive research and interviews with experts and stakeholders. Importantly, it included legal research to show which cities and states are primed to lower the voting age to 16. The paper has since been updated and the third edition was published in 2020. 

Now, guided by an Advisory Board and a Youth Advisory Board, we aim to help with the coordination of new and current local campaigns around the country while elevating the issue nationally through traditional and social media and by building partnerships with a broad group of stakeholders. This website serves as the central hub for these efforts as we move forward.

"16 year olds deal with peer pressure, gun violence, drugs, bullying and more. We're mature enough to rise above all of that, and we do have a voice."

Elijah Robinson

16, Washington, D.C.

Help Young Voices Be Heard