It’s our future, so give us the vote

“The voting age should be 16, to give us more say over the long-term issues that most affect our futures. We are smart, mature and want to change the world. Please give us the chance.”

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Make it 16: a teenager on why we should lower the voting age

“If the voting age was lowered to 16, politicians would be far more likely to take youth opinions and issues seriously, as their votes (and their pay cheques) would rely on it. Unfortunately, right now the disheartening fact is that the youth voice is often ignored, all because we aren’t allowed to vote. Yet.”

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‘Voter Suppression?’ Proposal to Lower DC Voting Age Rejected

“Giving these youth the right to vote ensures that their voices are heard. The people who were [historically] allowed to vote were white men with property. As we’ve seen over the last 100 to 200 years, each group slowly but surely got their right to vote: white men who didn’t have property, black men, women, people 21 or under and then people 18 or younger.”

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Golden votes no to lower voting age

“But I have a feeling it will someday,” McKee said, adding that despite that it failed at the polls, it was still a worthwhile effort. “It just didn’t quite work out.”

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I believe that voting should be the centerpiece of civic education.

Oliver York

16, San Francisco

Help Young Voices Be Heard