States Want Voters to Start Young

The USA Today highlights efforts to establish voter pre-registration for 16- and 17-year-olds: “Many states hope to increase voter engagement by allowing students to pre-register or, in some cases, to vote before turning 18.”

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A Case For Giving 16-Year-Olds The Vote

After the nationwide “March For Our Lives” demonstrations, and the public discourse that followed, NPR’s Michel Martin reflects on the proposal to give teens a say at the ballot box.

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The Voting Age Should Be Lowered to 16-Years-Old

In Teen Vogue, Melina Fike, a Vote16USA Youth Advisory Board member and leader of Berkeley, California’s Vote16 Campaign, explains how the momentum of the #NeverAgain movement could spark further advocacy for a lower voting age in other cities.

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Lower the Voting Age to 16

“Young people who are smart enough and engaged enough to shape the debate about gun violence are smart enough and engaged enough to vote,” writes John Nichols for The Nation.

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I believe that voting should be the centerpiece of civic education.

Oliver York

16, San Francisco

Help Young Voices Be Heard