Want to Save Democracy? Reduce the Voting Age

This piece published by Common Dreams argues that a lower voting age and stronger civics education can strengthen democracy in America.

Oakland Students Won the Right to Vote in School Board Elections

Teen Vogue chronicles work to lower the voting age in Oakland.

Oakland’s Measure QQ and the Future of Our Democracy

This KQED piece looks at the story of Measure QQ in Oakland, featuring interviews with many of the organizers leading the effort.

Youth vote advocates already looking toward the next election

The San Francisco Examiner talks with youth activists following the narrow defeat of Prop G.


Vote16 is on the ballot in 2020. Keep an eye on these five elections: San Francisco, Proposition G Prop G in San Francisco would lower the voting age to 16 for all local elections in the city. The measure was placed on the ballot after extensive advocacy from young...

More cities consider letting 16-year-olds vote in local elections

The Washington Post reports on the latest action in the Vote16 movement.

Voting at a Younger Age Can Fortify Our Democracy

Vote16 youth leader Arianna argues for lowering the voting age in this op-ed.

Learning by Voting: Students Want the Right to Make a Difference in Real Life

This in-depth feature story looks at campaigns to lower the voting age and other work to elevate youth voice in local government decision making.

Young people deserve a say in our future

Read this op-ed from youth organizer Jackie, published in the San Francisco Examiner.

California student activists push to lower voting age to advocate for change

EdSource covers youth-led work to lower the voting age in California cities.


Vote16USA Youth Advisory Board Application 2020-2021

Applications For the 2020-2021 Vote16USA Youth Advisory Board are now live! Read on for additional information, and click here to apply. The deadline is July 26, 2020.  The Vote16USA Youth Advisory Board is a group of young people from around the country who are...

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March 12, 2020

Dear friend, I hope this note finds you well. I know we are all going through a stressful time, to say the least. In the midst of ongoing uncertainty, it’s been a bit of a respite to reflect on some positive news within the Vote16USA movement. I’m excited to share the...

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February 11, 2020

Dear friend, We launched Vote16USA in 2015 by publishing a white paper that outlined the research behind the idea of lowering the voting age, progress to date, and where it was most feasible to pursue advocacy. That paper, which ultimately...

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Data from Colorado Primary Makes Case for Lower Voting Age

Like data? New numbers from the Colorado presidential primary election on Super Tuesday show why age 18 is NOT the best time to begin voting if we want people to vote in their first election, building the habit. This year, for the first time, Colorado allowed...

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Institute’s New Report Proposes Bold Reforms to Increase Voter Turnout

Based on Interviews with Newark Residents, Our Vote, Our Power: Lifting Up Democracy’s Voices in the Garden State Proposes 11 Policies Including Lowering the Voting Age; Mandatory Civics Classes; Restoring the Vote to Incarcerated People; Same Day Registration; Term Limits; Full-Time Legislature; and Eliminating the “Party Line.”

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The 5 Greatest Vote16 Wins of 2019!

As the new year kicks off, let's look back at the top five wins for Vote16 in 2019. #1: 126 Members of the U.S. House of Representatives Support Lowering the National Voting Age to 16 On March 8, 2019, the U.S. House of Representatives held a vote on a proposed...

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We Need to Lower the Voting Age

While young people represent the least reliable voting demographic by age in the United States, 18 to 24-year-olds have a significant stake in both local and national elections. Youth voters will experience the long-term effects of policy, so increasing youth voter turnout should be a top priority for our government.

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I believe that voting should be the centerpiece of civic education.

Oliver York

16, San Francisco

Help Young Voices Be Heard