Democracy Reform, One Ballot at a Time

Ways to improve our democracy: expanding the electorate, change the process of redistricting, voter expansion, automatic voter registration, campaign finance reform, and lowering the voting age.

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Malden Rising Leaders spearheads Vote 16 initiative

Rebecca Pereira, a former Generation Citizen student, published a great article that contains the details of the process of lowering the voting age in Massachusetts, as well as an overview of what Malden Rising Leaders Inc. have been doing to lower the voting age to 16/17 fro municipal elections.

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Youth vote leaders heard at city council meeting

Reformer recaps the public hearing in Brattleboro, where two youth leaders testified in favor. They cited the amount of students that pay taxes, the use and importance of civics education for informed voters, and the “trickle up effect.”

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Commentary: Teens are ready to vote

“While elected officials resort to name-calling and bullying on social media and refuse to do their homework on critical issues, a growing number of younger citizens — too young to vote — are stepping forward to demand and indeed to model honesty, reason, and ethical conviction.”

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I believe that voting should be the centerpiece of civic education.

Oliver York

16, San Francisco

Help Young Voices Be Heard