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The Vote16USA Youth Advisory Board is a group of young people from around the country who are working to lower the voting age in their cities and states, or want to do so in the future. Board members support each other’s work by exchanging ideas and strategies, help other young people start advocating for the cause, advise the national campaign, and serve as spokespeople for the movement. The Board members are the center in a larger network of other young people working to lower the voting age. Within the board, students can apply to specific leadership “chair positions.” Membership is one year, from June-June. 

Board members will be expected to:

  • Attend an all-expenses paid retreat in Washington, D.C. in early August
  • Participate in monthly conference calls
  • Work on projects in between calls, such as building toolkits or working on media outreach (about 2 hours per month)
  • Participate in about 1 additional, shorter call per month (small group calls for projects, or talking with youth from new cities, or individual check-ins)
  • Serve as liaisons between their local campaign and national Vote16USA
  • Serve as media spokespeople for the national campaign

Chair positions

  • Logistics Chair: The Logistics Chair is responsible for keeping the board running smoothly. They will schedule monthly conference calls, will ensure the website pages related to the Board are up to date, and will work with the Training Chair to facilitate work to continue engaging the larger network as well as onboarding any members that join midway through the year. The Logistics Chair will also take the minutes for the monthly calls and will lead certain aspects of planning the summer retreat.
  • Training Chair: The Training Chair determines what skills the Board needs/wants to improve on and helps put together trainings, including by recruiting external trainers. Trainings will occur during the monthly calls as webinars and in person at retreat. The Training Chair will work with the Logistics Chair to facilitate prompts to continue engaging the larger network of youth, as well as onboarding any members that join midway through the year. The Training Chair will help to onboard new members who join in the middle of the year.
  • Media Outreach and Communications Chair: The Media Chair is responsible for contacting media outlets for op-ed opportunities. The Media Chair will also design content for social media and take photos at the retreat, or will delegate these activities to other members if there is interest.
  • Speaker Bureau Chair: The Communications Chair is responsible for working with the Vote16USA campaign manager to lead the campaign’s response to inbound media inquiries, ensuring proper representation of youth voice, which may include delegating interview opportunities to board members. This role is also responsible for leading our response to opportunities for Vote16USA youth leaders to speak at events around the country.

Overarching Goals of the Youth Advisory Board

  • Goal 1: Build community among Vote16USA youth leaders.
  • Goal 2: Enhance campaigns to lower the voting age in cities across the country by sharing best practices and common resources, building skills through training, and collaborating on plans to strengthen campaigns in each city.
  • Goal 3: Inform the direction of the national Vote16USA campaign, to elevate this issue nationally and inspire future city-level campaigns.

Annual Retreat

  • Advisory Board members are expected to attend the annual retreat in the summer, in late July. Generation Citizen covers all costs of the retreat–transportation, lodging, food, and any social activities.
  • The retreat is an opportunity for the YAB to meet in person, attend trainings by outside facilitators, and plan national strategy.
  • Transportation will be booked by June 25th.
  • The retreat is mandatory, unless a member has an extenuating circumstance that will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.