Vote16USA is a national campaign, organized by Generation Citizen, that aims to support efforts to extend voting rights to 16- and 17-year-old on the local level, help start new local campaigns, and elevate the issue’s prominence on a national level.

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Before we destroy their future, let’s give them the right to vote

Sunrise Movement founder Varshini Prakash and California League of Conservation Voters CEO Mary Creasman make the case for lowering the voting age.

California Assembly passes constitutional amendments to lower the voting age

The CA Assembly approved a proposed constitutional amendment to lower the voting age. Now it heads to the Senate, and then if approved, the voters.

Paly, Gunn students join national movement to lower voting age

High school students in Palo Alto are planning an effort to lower the voting age for their local elections.

California Is Taking Steps to Lower The Voting Age — Here’s Why

Power California activists share an update on ACA8 in California and make the case for why it should pass.

“I am more than aware of the raw power that comes from the ideas of students.”

Melina Fike

Vote16USA Youth Advisory Board and Vote16Berkeley Leader